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Many users around the world look for "green" products and services. Last few years we have seen a lot of catastrophic climate change. These climatic anomalies have led people to seek solutions to reduce pollution. Automobile manufacturers, industrial companies and all corporate polluters are forced to examine their products and services so that they can reduce pollution.

We, from Ecowash Bulgaria manifest social corporate responsibility and give solution to reduce pollution. We constatnly strive to educate the consumers about responsible and sustainable automotive cleaning and washing. Traditional car washes use up to 150 liters for washing of one car. The draw of the used water poisons the groundwater that leads to global pollution. WE use less than 1 liter ECOfriendly detergent. Our company offers a special line of "Earth-friendly" – nature protecting cleaners.

They are developed by powerful ingredients derived from bio-renewable sources like soybeans, corn, palm oil and others. We offer a full range of products for luxury waterless cleaning of cars and car parts, motorcycles and yachts. The function of our WATERLESS product is a fast, safe and easy cleaning. All our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free. Our target is to protect the natural and water resources. We protect the environment, human health and your vehicle from hazardous household debris at the same time. Development and progress in chemistry allow companies to make products that work just as effectively as toxic and hazardous chemicals.

The new formula based on plant and polymer completely replaces dangerous and expensive formulas for cleaning. Plant foods, mixtures of coconut, palm oil, citrus fruits, corn and soybeans are the main ingredients that act as powerful detergent and solvent. These fully replacing the traditional petroleum formula components help us keep our planet GREEN. Another popular form of "Green" chemistry relies on the technology of polymers whose molecules allow efficient cleaning and provide stronger protection of the surface. Both forms of chemistry ensure excellent work of the detergent that accurately cleanes with environmental safety.