About us

EcoWash is a leading company in the field of professional ecologic cleaning and care of the automotive industry in the most modern practices and technologies. The products we use are entirely in conformity with "Proposition California 65``, which has been enacted since 1986 to promote clean drinking water and toxic substances. Consumer products failing in the soil  poison it and consequently cause cancer and birth defects.

We constatnly strive to educate the consumers about responsible and sustainable automotive cleaning and washing. Traditional car washes use up to 150 liters for washing of one car. The draw of the used water poisons the groundwater that leads to global pollution. WE use less than 1 liter ECOfriendly detergent.

Our company offers a special line of "Earth-friendly" nature protecting cleaners. They are developed by powerful ingredients derived from bio-renewable sources like soybeans, corn, palm oil and others.

We offer a full range of waterless cleaning products for cars and car parts. The function of our WATERLESS product is a fast, safe and easy cleaning. All our products are non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free. Our target is to protect the natural and water resources. We protect the environment, human health and your vehicle from hazardous household debris at the same time.